It’s May. Woo.

Try not to energize yourself TOO much on my enthusiasm that May brings every year.

I’m not sure how many of my readers can relate, sympathize, or empathize, but MAY SUCKS!

My two kids – teen and tween – have all but shut down for the remainder of the school year.  Their last day is June 5th, so it’s going to be a very long month.  The excitement of getting ready for school, making breakfast, and being ready to go out the door long before we have to leave is a distant memory.  It’s morphed into a bunch of yelling “GET UP AND IN THE SHOWER ALREADY!” and “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MADE YOUR LUNCH YET!” and “FEED YOUR GUINEA PIGS!  FEED THE CATS!”  Cue the whining.

May is nothing but a month of Mondays, where snow make-up days gobble up any remaining days off, and where weekends go to die.

I’ve learned, since becoming the parent of school-aged children, that May also seems to be the month where all things happen, and to hell with your own life because it’s all about the school.

An over-scheduled month of Mondays?  I want to rip my hair out every year.

School concerts, school t-shirts to buy, field trips, fun days, academic competitions…enough!  Not to mention all the things that happen at the church that I’m involved in.  For me, May is more exhausting than the holidays.

But, we do anything and everything for our kids.  As tiring and frustrating May always is and will be until they graduate, I attend, and pay, and cheer with a smile and with pride.  We all made it through yet another school year.

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