…the answer is no.

Admit it, as Christians, we’re just little brats when we come to Jesus with our prayers.  Jesus is feverishly taking all of our requests – wants, needs, desires, what have you – and delivering them right to God’s ear.

You know, it’s pretty humbling to know the Son of God is praying to God on my behalf.  That, in and of itself, should make me horrified with some of the things I’ve prayed for over the years.

Sometimes the answer is no.  And we storm off in a snit.  Some who have lost their belief, I think, use that as the reason they no longer believe.  They didn’t get what THEY wanted.

I probably don’t pray the way most do.  I rarely get down on my knees and make that kind of effort in prayer.  We’ve never had bedtime prayers or prayed before a meal in our house.  It never felt right, and I hope Jesus and God are okay with that.

Prayer for me, well it’s kind of an ongoing process to me.  I’ll throw something to Jesus in the form of a thought and I probably do that dozens of times a day.  If there’s something that’s completely dragging me down and I need a release, that’s when I take a significant time-out and pray deliberately.

As I’ve continued to grow in my faith – pretty drastically in the past few years – I’ve witnessed His work in enough ways to not throw as many tantrums when I don’t like the outcome His will.

I’ve come to think that God doesn’t necessarily say “no.”  It’s more like “wait.”

Are you taking the hint from God when you don’t get what you want?  Are you waiting or are you giving up?

I don’t believe God has a “plan” for us, but I believe that he knows our true potential and how we’ll use what He gave us.  We just have to be patient and have absolute faith that His intentions are truly good and blessed.

The movie God’s Not Dead really had me thinking once it was over.  I thought it was nicely done.  If you haven’t yet seen it, it’s now on Netflix streaming.

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