Part 2 of 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert

Yesterday I began the fun adventure through the article 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert.  Aaaaand onward we go!

2. You go to parties -– but not to meet people.

I think the image says it all.  Ha!  I love to have fun and party and drink and be a little nuts, BUT if there’s mostly people I don’t know well enough to completely let my hair down – FOR. GET. IT.

I clam up, I shut down, and everyone who DOES know me well is all “What’s wrong?”  The hubby is a people person, and usually he ventures off and there I am – alone with myself fake smiling all night, when I’d rather just be clinging to his arm all night.  Sure, there are some rare instances where I’m just feeling down and I’m not at my peak party ‘tude, but more often than not, I’m just uncomfortable.

My dream parties are those in my own home where I have control of the guest list.  There are no unknown variables or 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon that I’m forced to entertain.  The people I love the most and trust the most are in attendance and I have the best time with every single one of them.

I am kind and polite and do my best when the situation is out of my control, but, yes, sometimes I am thinking of all the internet time I’m missing out on – go figure, strangers in my computer I’m OK with.  😛

It’s my biology, sorry!

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Part 1 of 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert

I always knew I was NOT an outgoing person.  But I always thought I was just kind of shy or was so scarred by high school, I just felt uncomfortable in many different scenarios.  Until…

I have been coming across more and more of these personality articles on Facebook and this one really caught my eye.  It’s ME!

23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert

1. You find small talk incredibly cumbersome.

Why yes, yes I do.  Case in point, while shopping today at the mega-store I loathe, I must have looked at every open lane (all had only one other person in line, which was miraculous) to find the cashier that was least likely to talk to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, ask anyone that knows me – once you get me talking, I’m good at the whole talking thing.  But put me in front of a stranger who is just trying to pass the time as he or she rings up my sale?  I feel my blood pressure rise, I get kind of annoyed and I just want to get the hell out of there!

Had I not had about four million items in my cart, I would have gone to the self-checkout.  Ah, aren’t those the BEST things in the stores now?

The things I do like in situations like those are if the stranger makes a comment about a shirt I’m wearing (that usually happens when I’m in my RUSH or Doctor Who shirts) or if I’m looking at something they also have an interest in.  Specificity and a common topic are key when talking with an introvert – otherwise we just seem like stuck up people.

So, if you should come across someone who is kind of reluctant to talk at first…keep that in mind.  They could just be awkward…or, sure, they could just be a snotty douche! Ha!  Give us awkward ones a second chance!

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