Cozy Made Cozier!

Onto the family room!  Another very outdated looking room – so much paneling!  We’re remodeling on a budget, so tearing things out and replacing them were not in the plans.  Paint to the rescue!

These photos are the “before,” taken when we got settled in three years ago.  Since these photos were taken, we changed the ceiling fan.  While moving in, we changed the pendant lights by the fireplace.


This was the first room we decided to add some color to.  My husband and I went searching for colors at Lowe’s.  We settled on Sherwin Williams Ovation in Eggshell – color RED BARN for the fireplace wall.  The other three walls we settled on SVELTE SAGE.

I started with the fireplace wall, and immediately I was in love!  There’s really nothing we can or want to do to the fireplace at this point, so I was just so happy with how this color made the fireplace pop right out.  To me, the fireplace just looks better now!


I continued on with the rest of the room.  It brightened up the room without being stark.  It’s warm and cozy – it’s perfect!  I couldn’t stop walking in and looking around for days after the job was done!


Paneling isn’t always a dead end.  There’s so much of it in our house, right now it’s the only way to give a new look without breaking the bank.

The Ovation paint at Lowe’s is paint and primer in one.  It’s imperative you prime any paneling you intend to paint – this product takes one step out of the process.  So far, I’ve been impressed with how well it’s held up.  It doesn’t hold up to a firm scrape, so if your paneling is in a high traffic area where it may be bumped, touched, or whatnot, you may want to go with a separate primer first.

More to come…entry way and basement!

Image Credit: All me!


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