Rescue a Dog!

We adopted the best dog from a local shelter on September 22nd.  I’m reposting what I updated the shelter with because it’s still true.

Update on Penny (Penelope). It’s been just over a week month since we brought her home and she really is OUR dog. 🙂  She’s really coming around; starting to respond to her name a bit, adjusting to our routine, becoming playful, and is an amazing walking companion!

She is the first dog we’ve ever rescued and I don’t think I could ever have it any other way from now on. More animal lovers need to take a shelter pet in on faith.

We got this dog, who was looked over so many times over the past 15 months or so based on a quick look. We literally spent 10 minutes with her before we adopted her and we hit the jackpot! Sure, she was scared and timid at first, but it took her all of a car ride home to know she was with her forever family.

I pray more people will take the leap of faith on all the other pets you have waiting for a forever family. They don’t know what they’re missing!!

I know rescuing an adult dog is not for everyone.  Our kids are tweens/teens now and I’m not as reluctant to take the chance on a dog that I have no history on.  This girl is 50 pounds of love, kisses, and silliness.  We are so thankful she waited patiently for us and allowed us to be her new family.

If you’re just itching for a companion, check your local shelters!

Image Credit:  Me!  Be kind and just leave her here.

15 of 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert

15. You notice details that others don’t.

I once got a fortune in a fortune cookie that said:

Over-prepare then go with the flow.

That would be me to a tee!  Not only am I a perfectionist with most everything (it’s usually with things with work or anything that could be scrutinized), I’m constantly noticing things that are usually glossed over.

Spelling errors.  Color combinations.  Graphical layouts.  If it doesn’t seem quite right to me, it’s got to be fixed.

I guess I am a little OCD.  Not with everything, and not certainly enough that it impedes on my everyday life, but if there is something that just doesn’t sit right with me, it bothers me to no end.

I think that’s what made me a decent photographer.  My brain is just wired in a way that once my eye is looking through the viewfinder, I see things that no one would otherwise notice.  I guess I have a permanent viewfinder on me and at times it can be a little overwhelming because I miss out on just being blissfully ignorant.

What I wouldn’t give to be blissfully ignorant…

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