You’ve arrived at the WRONG blog.

Yep.  Wrong blog.  Turn back now, if you know what’s good for you!

Before you continue on – you assume the risks – I contribute to these musings with one thing only one thing in mind:  No expectations, no disappointments.

I have authored blogs before.  And I wrote them under such high standards for myself they were instantly doomed to failure.  Not this time!

My brain never shuts off – so much so, I have to have DVDs playing at night so I can distract my brain from keeping me awake.  I’m always thinking of things, asking questions, formulating opinions – and they really don’t get to see the world.

If you’re looking for profound things to read – I doubt you’ll find it here.
If you’re looking for something that will blow you away with inspiration – keep moving along.
If you’re looking for the next best Supermom to follow – I leave that to the experts.

What I hope to get out of this (and I’m being completely selfish here) is some rest for my ever-active mind.  I may post a sentence, I may rant on for hundreds of words.

You’ll get to know me, my family, and my friends.  I love my job, so there’s that.  I’m a complete audiophile, so I plan on taking advantage of sharing “what’s playing” and singing praises of my next favorite song.  I tend to cover just about everything I feel with some sort of humor, so you may even laugh (I prefer a good chortle, myself).

I just ask you to please have ZERO expectation for me.  I’m a self-deprecating, self-conscious, easily embarrassed, and somewhat paranoid introvert.  You gets from me what you gets from me.


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