Midlife crisis or just tired of settling?

So, waaay back at the end of August, I posted about how BIG things were going to happen for me.  Pathetically, that was a mere THREE posts ago.  Yeah, I forget I have this stupid blog thing.

Things have changed in the last 6 or 8 months.  Got a nose stud, cut my hair shorter, colored it some funky plum and lavender color, and I went back to school.

I’m 40, which makes me (if I live to 80) – DUN, DUN, DUUUUUNNN!  “Middle-aged.”

Ah, to be middle aged.  Turning 30 was no big deal.  Turning 40, oy.  It seems as though everything decided to break down.  I hurt more.  Sciatica hit me for the first time ever.  I snap, I crackle, I pop.  My blood pressure is all over the place, even on medication.  If it continues this way, 80 is going to SUCK!  LOL

So, I went back to school.  A mere two days worth, actually – well, 50 hours spread out over 3 months or so.  And what a wonderful 50 hours it was!

I just took my final exam today – I’m officially educated on veterinary assistance!

It was a serendipitous moment waaaaay back in August when a local newspaper link popped up on my Facebook feed about the community college in town offering a Veterinary Assistant class.

I immediately sent the link to my sweet hubby and he was all for it right away.

We live in a zoo.  Three dogs.  Two (soon-to-be three) cats.  Four guinea pigs.  Plus all the dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards, frogs, birds that came before.  I think we’re a lion and a giraffe shy of an ark here.  🙂

I had to wait a grueling three months before I could attend the informational meeting and then another month to register, but the day finally arrived when I was back in school.

The class of 10 – 9 females and 1 male – was presented with a binder of everything we’d go over during those 50 hours of class time.  Three hundred pages or so of hard core veterinary information.  Scary?  Nope.  I was in heaven!

Anatomy, injection sites, bandaging, parasites, diseases, conditions, emergency situations, surgery, dentistry, restraint, radiographs, intubation, I could go on.  We covered it all…and I if I want more, I’ll have to go to Vet Tech school. 😉

Exams were tough, but fair.  As my family can attest, I got rather critical of myself for missing a half a point on an exam when I should have gotten 100%.  Labs were so much fun; working with the professor’s dogs (Doberman and little Manchester Terriers and her big, fluffy Tabby).  We trimmed nails, injected saline, gave gelatin capsules to learn how to administer pills, we bandaged, and restrained.  I think all the kisses from her dogs were the best of all.

Here I am today, 50 hours later, breathing a sigh of relief that I did it.  I had perfect attendance, so far have a 97% average, and I know I did well on the final.

What’s the next step?  I know the direction I want to go, but it’s up to God to point me in the right direction.  The opportunities are there and He’s already bringing them my way, so I am extremely hopeful.

Why this “midlife crisis?”  I think we all go through it.  For me, I’m just tired of settling.  When things become too mundane, or stagnant, or even painful, I need to change it up.  I was sick of my ratty, brassy, graying hair – so I cut it and colored it (and LOVE it!).  I was feeling bold, so I got my nose pierced (tattoo #3 is coming next).

I’m now further educated on something I have a passion for – animals.  There are few things in this world I look forward to without fail – three of them are my husband and my two kids.  The rest of them is my zoo.  They relax me, they make me laugh, they are a joy in my life.

I hand it over to God now…hopefully I’ll have an update sooner than later! 😉

Cozy Made Cozier!

Onto the family room!  Another very outdated looking room – so much paneling!  We’re remodeling on a budget, so tearing things out and replacing them were not in the plans.  Paint to the rescue!

These photos are the “before,” taken when we got settled in three years ago.  Since these photos were taken, we changed the ceiling fan.  While moving in, we changed the pendant lights by the fireplace.


This was the first room we decided to add some color to.  My husband and I went searching for colors at Lowe’s.  We settled on Sherwin Williams Ovation in Eggshell – color RED BARN for the fireplace wall.  The other three walls we settled on SVELTE SAGE.

I started with the fireplace wall, and immediately I was in love!  There’s really nothing we can or want to do to the fireplace at this point, so I was just so happy with how this color made the fireplace pop right out.  To me, the fireplace just looks better now!


I continued on with the rest of the room.  It brightened up the room without being stark.  It’s warm and cozy – it’s perfect!  I couldn’t stop walking in and looking around for days after the job was done!


Paneling isn’t always a dead end.  There’s so much of it in our house, right now it’s the only way to give a new look without breaking the bank.

The Ovation paint at Lowe’s is paint and primer in one.  It’s imperative you prime any paneling you intend to paint – this product takes one step out of the process.  So far, I’ve been impressed with how well it’s held up.  It doesn’t hold up to a firm scrape, so if your paneling is in a high traffic area where it may be bumped, touched, or whatnot, you may want to go with a separate primer first.

More to come…entry way and basement!

Image Credit: All me!

Homemade Laundry Soap

I’ve made this stuff and I love it!  It’s so cheap and it rids your wash of all of those chemicals in commercial detergents.

It’s only three ingredients (excluding water) and takes 24 hours until it’s ready:

Washing Soda
Ivory or Castile Soap

The recipe on the site will make 10 gallons, but I made a half recipe to try it out (and because I didn’t have two buckets available).  Next time I’ll be making the full recipe.

Visit Happy Hooligans for all the details!!